Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Strange Bug

Anybody know what this is?

I was leaving the yard the other day and this little guy was on the gate. I was fascinated by his likeness to a grasshopper. But it's not like a grasshopper I've ever seen before. Any guesses?
I was thinking in the grasshopper family since there are over 10,000 species, but he doesn't appear to have wings.
I looked at over 40, and my search has not been very successful, but I did find these great insect learning-sites:

Ok, I'm back . . . I think we have a winner. It appears to be a Tettigoniidae and the genus . . . Katydid! I've just never seen this species before. I'm more familiar with this one:
Mine is a female and the large brown sharp structure on her netherside is an "ovipositor" used for sticking her eggs in the dirt or the stem of a plant. Now we've all learned something new today!


ANGEL said...

Are you kidding me? You are sooo freaking me out!!!

What is it with us????

I said when I first started watching it...Ok after this one I'll head to bed...ok...well then after this's gettin late so after this one...oh man I have to see how this one turns out...I fell asleep before they finished that blonde girls chest plate.

What did you think about the cover up Ami did on that womans Cheshire cat...he just amazing!!

Crikies it's addicting!!

Brittani said...

Yeah I have a bug like that too... check out my post.

Cory and Beth said...

I just saw one tonight at our house! Crazy :-P