Friday, June 26, 2009

Bronwen's bedtime prayer

Tonight she prayed:
" . . . we're ready Jesus, so just call us up when you're ready."

Bronwen has such a heart for Jesus. Remember this conversation

She is going to do great things for His kingdom.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bronwen's song

To Annabelle one afternoon Bronwen sang:

If you believe in monsters
don't worry . . . it's okay
They're probably going to get 
you anyway.

If you don't see a monster . . .
There's probably one behind you
La la la la la

What do you do?
What have you done?
Just read, just read . . . 
La la la la la good-bye, good-bye

There is such a matter whatever
you say . . . 
There's a monster behind you
You are such a matter . . . 
You're going to jail!
La la la la la la 

She made it up of course and the melody was quite lovely. 
But I'm trying to decide if I should be worried.