Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturday afternoon project: a play skirt

Jan 23I've had this idea rolling around in my mind for awhile now and found the perfect fabric with which to experiment. My girls love to wear dresses every day, and tend to want to wear their better "Sunday" dresses. They don't have nearly enough skirts.
This shirt was on it's way to the thrift store when I saved it for a new purpose.
Nearly any shirt will do for this project. I chose a simple cotton with a geometric design which I thought would hide sewing mistakes pretty well.

1. cut the top of the shirt, just under the arms for the longest skirt length. This one had a pocket which I removed because for one it was in the wrong place for a skirt and I also have other plans for it.
2. button up and stitch it down. I thought the buttons would be cute, but you could also make a seem leaving the buttons out.
3. create a hem at the bottom. If it's a tailored shirt, you may have to remove some extra material at the bottom so you can make a nice hem.

4. a simple waist band. I cut the finished edge off of each sleeve, making sure to leave enough extra fabric to work with. Sew one set of ends together and after measuring your little one's waist, leave enough extra for a snap or hook and eye, or if you're really good, button and hole.
I am not really good, so I will do a snap.

5. run a loose stitch around the top of the skirt and pulled the ends to gather the fabric.
6. face the right sides of the waist band and the skirt together, rough ends together and stitch.

If you look closely, I missed some fabric in the gather to the left of the hanger.

If I could have found my snaps I would have included sewing the snap in the instructions, but I could not, so I did not. But don't forget that step or you'll have to pin the waist band together like I had to because the new owner was too excited to wait to wear her new skirt while I dug through my sewing boxes. Note to self: make sure you have all of your materials before you begin the afternoon project.

Looking closely at this picture you will also see that my stitches are atrocious near the button flap, but the nice thing about this fabric was that the large plaid design looks alot like stitches and kind of camouflages my sloppiness.

Also, I did not iron the skirt but that would have made the end product look much nicer.

The best part was seeing her face as she looked at me with admiration. I guess it's been awhile since the sewing machine was out.

Have fun! I'm going to be on the prowl for more discarded shirts!

When it's too cold outside

Jan 23We enjoyed a very sweet Saturday indoors.
I unrolled a long piece of paper down the middle of the table and put out the paints and brushes. The artists could reach the paper from almost any angle and had loads of fun mixing colors and creating.

Winter thankfulness

Jan 8 -16When it's this cold for this long, and the days are more gray than sunny, I have to really look to find things to be thankful for. I am really thankful for this little gal with her sparkling blue eyes and dimpled smile.
I am thankful for the coat and snow pants she wears, passed down from a friend.

I am thankful for the good relationship my kids have with each other.
When I was pregnant with Noah, I hoped and prayed for a boy. I wanted a big brother for my future children. I am thankful that he is the big brother that I hoped for.

I am thankful for our new big yard that will big the backdrop for many hours of play and exploration.
I am thankful for the warm house I sit in so I can be thankful for the snow in which they play.

Big day

Jan 8This was Oliver's first time in the play center.
He feels really big and important here and keeps very busy.
He seems to know it's his special place to be when the kids are busy with their schooling.

Fun with static electricity

Dec. 31It's a little dry around here.

Of course the wonder of the micro-fiber couch is only limited to it's inability to stain.
For all else, it is a pain!

New Year's Eve Eve

Dec. 30

Jayme and Scott are home for Christmas and then some! What a happy reunion.
We enjoyed a sleep over celebration for New Year's.
Oliver getting to know Uncle Scott. Before this visit, Scott had not met Oliver outside the womb. I had traveled to Boston in the Spring when I was about 7 months pregnant.
Hmm, I don't think I ever finished the post of that trip.

Lots of wrestling
Lots of dancing
and dancing . . .
Oh, there was much more dancing too.


Dec. 28Cooper brings his toy to Oliver . . . drops it near his hand . . . and waits, muscles twitching for Oliver to throw it for him.
It's going to be a long wait for ya, boy.

Christmas morning in our home

Dec. 25

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas filled with family and friends.

A dog and his boy

Dec. 16
They've been best friends since Oliver was born this summer.

Cooper adores him.

It's hard to believe that as soon as Oliver is mobile, Cooper will steer clear, run and hide and growl in protest of the same little fingers that he once allowed to poke and pull.
It's happened with each of the others, so that is what I'm expecting. But just look at that face.
Those faces.
It's hard to believe it could happen.
And so I hope that this time will be different.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Head to head

Dec. 14
Whilst practicing with the lighting and focus on my newish lens, it seems I interrupted a tete-a-tete between these three friends.

Oliver: "Hi Butterfly. Hi Piglet."
Piglet: "Hi Oliver! How are you?"

Oliver: "I really don't like tummy time. You're looking really pretty Butterfly."
Butterfly just smiles. She's a little shy.

Oliver: "Ugh. Mama . . . a little help please . . . can't . . . lift . . . my . . . head . . . anymore . . ."
Oliver: "Is she still there piglet? She has the camera doesn't she."
Piglet: " You're doing great Oliver. You can do it!"

Community Christmas Concert

Dec. 13

The music this year was very challenging, but he did it and really enjoyed it.
Especially Silent Night in German.
Three happy cousins. very musical. very special.

I love the sound of Christmas carols sung by children.


Dec. 11In the midst of so much change this year, there is just something calming and peaceful about the same old ornaments on our tree.

Monday, February 15, 2010

As smooth as a baby's . . .

Dec. 10
I found this helpful chart here and it may be subject to copyright.

After nearly thirteen years, my dearest shaved his Van Dyke. Then he lets just a little grow back (just enough to get my hopes up) and then shaves it again. It's really taking me awhile to get used to this new look!

How do you prefer your man's face?

Natural light

Nov. 30

I love how it plays across his face.