Monday, July 30, 2007

Backyard Party

We had a backyard party for Mason today. He was so excited, he said "It's not even my birthday!" The kids played in the yard, in the pool, in the house and on the swings . . .they were all over the place, and I loved it! Noah and Mason went home with Grandma and Grandpa Martin who both have the day off tomorrow and will be taking the boys to see Ratatooey. Is that how it's spelled? No, I guess that's the English spelling . . .in French it's Rataouille. Anyway, this is a first for them, to both be with their grandparents overnight. I know they'll have a blast and their grandparents will probably collapse in an exhausted heep tomorrow night!


ANGEL said...

No I just saw his RV...oh well!

Love the pics!!!

How ya feelin?

Jayme said...

Man, what a fun party I missed! Is that a new pool? Your yard looks so great and cozy. The kids all seemed to be greatly enjoying themselves. It rained all day for us.

ANGEL said...

Aw thanks but I stole your template ;} I was havin a hard time with my words running into the side bar items so when I saw yours I said that should do the trick!

To answer your question...God has been awesome and I'm seeing answers to my prayer so thank you so much for being such a prayer warrior!

I love you so much!!