Sunday, December 19, 2010

The other toddler

I think she's trying to figure out how to squeeze between these posts.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blue eyes turn Hazel

And he can balance a turtle on his head. A very talented seventeen monther.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bits from Bronwen

What do you do with the things your littles say? You write them down on you heart and you try to remember to write them down on paper.

Bronwen asked today if China was calling us.

"Mom, do you know where a really cute black crayon is?"

"Ugh! I wish we were taking our car on this walk!" 7/14/10

6/7/10 "And now, a completely lovely dance by the princesses of Lubet." Then she and Ananbelle danced around the room with their lace capes. It was completely lovely.

3/18/10 "you guys are adults?! . . . I thought you were dolphins!" Said with a completely straight face.

2/6/10 running her finger tip over the ridge of each nostril, "Mama! I ahve a three on my nose!"

Getting warmed up

I started writing here because just after Annabelle was born my sister moved 900 miles away to pursue her dreams and I wanted a way to keep her close. In May of 2009 Jayme graduated from the Boston Conservatory and in October of 2010 she completed and performed her thesis (both events I was blessed to be able to attend.) Now with the possibility of a move closer to her roots, and the growth of my family, it seems the mission of my writing has evolved a bit.
I find I'm writing more for my children, to make a record of their days and to remember the precious things they say.

I considered just writing again starting from today, but that would create such a large gap in our year, and I don't want to miss anything for them. So, I've decided to back post a bit. Hope you don't mind!
Today it's very cold outside and we're expecting up to twenty inches of snow. We're on winter break, and although I have many chores waiting for me it seems like the perfect time to get started. Again.

Community Children's Choir Christmas concert

My heart swells as I watch them up there singing these beautiful classic Christmas songs that the very talented and dedicated directors have taught them.
This concert has become such a special part of our Christmas tradition and this year Bronwen is thrilled to be in it too.