Friday, July 20, 2007

Road Trip

Noah is hitting the road tomorrow morning with Josh. They are driving to Greenville South Carolina to pick up our new '99 Honda Odyssey that Josh bought on eBay.

I'm a bit nervous about this trip which is why I'm still up at this hour. I've packed fun things for Noah to do in the car and made a list of games he can play with Daddy while they are driving. I know he'll be great in the car. And I know this will be a great experience he will always treasure. But I always worry when any of my children are not with me, even if they are with Josh. This is something I have to give to my Heavenly Father and trust that he will take care of. But please pray for their safety this weekend.

When they get to Greenville, they will be only minutes away from the Gilvins so they will be spending Friday and Saturday nights with Aunt Bev and Uncle Cal (Noah is really hoping to see Katie and Adam while they are there too.) They'll be driving back home on Sunday.


Brittani said...

I'm sure they will do great! They may just spend hours having Dad-son talk-I can only imagine how many license plates and models of cars Noah will learn about along the way. I'll be praying for you and Josh.
love ya

Jayme said...

What? What's happening to your current Odessey? Wow, that's quite a trip for the two of them. I wonder if Noah knows how much of the road he is 'in for...'

Cory and Beth said...

Hey Jeny, I hope that you're doing okay without your hubby and little boy! I'm sure they're having a blast together though :-)