Saturday, October 30, 2010

Her Name

Our puppy has a name.

Meet Corduroy Purple Bear

We decided to go with a favorite from children's stories and of course the purple must stay.

She's a very sweet girl, the perfect addition to our family.

                                             These two are very nearly the same size!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday boy in the house

Yesterday was Noah's 9th birthday. We spent the night before in Roscoe IL with family celebrating his cousin's birthday and picking up our new puppy.

Today we had the family over to celebrate this great boy.

not this one, though he's pretty great too. Grandma and Grandpa sure think so!

This one! the one punch drunk with puppy love. The one who has stolen my heart and melts me with his dark chocolate eyes. The one with a servant's heart and a deep tenderness for the things of the Lord. He's going to do great things someday and I know this because he's already doing great things now. He's got what it takes. It thrills my heart to see how the little ones look up to him already.

i think their older cousin C is teaching them the finer points of gel window art.

I don't know but she may be telling him how to take care of split ends. That would not surprise me at all.
cousin M with a knowing look and a twinkle in her eye. She's such an amazing girl!

Best buddy B, because what's a space party without your right hand man?

Oh right. And this happened two nights ago. I may post about it later.

Cupcake frenzy from the cupcake Grandma.

The eldest lady in the family holds a tete a tete with the youngest and littlest lady.

Gotta love the technology. Aunt Jayme, faithful as ever to attend every party via skype from Boston.
No, it's not a frog it's a rocket ship!

Clever placement of the candles makes this rocket looking ready for blast off!

Happy birthday Noah!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new addition

Introducing the newest member of our family! Purple girl was born August 23 into a litter of 13! Her mama's such a trooper. The breeder color codes the babies and this one was dotted with a purple spot on her shoulder. Of course my girls were thrilled and want to keep calling her purple girl. She still has no name that we all can agree upon.
We picked her up yesterday, on Noah's birthday. That's why he has such a goofy grin on his face. He just turned nine and he has a puppy. She's the family pet, but he reminds me, we did get her on his birthday.
Cooper, the resident Jack Russel doesn't quite know what to think, but he hasn't realized she's a dog yet.