Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More from the fair haired child

And then there's this . . . from my treasure box

"once a shark got me and shoved me into the Christmas tree for jail!" 12/7/09

I told the girls I'm going to give them grace this morning. Annabelle smiled, pointed to her tray and said, "I want my grace right here." 12/10/09

"Soon I'll be going over two to three." 1/18/10

"Good my grief it's cold outside!" 4/9/10

"Mom, I'm cold. . . . . I'm coldilocks!" 4/10/10

Annabelle: "mom, can I go swim in the sprinklers?"
Me: No, you can't go outside by yourself
A: but mom, God is with me . . . He always walks around with me.
Me: yes, that's true, but it is not wise for me to let you go by yourself without human supervision.
After a little thought, Annabelle settles for a pretzel. 7/24/10

"The Bee -eye-Lee-eye-Lee,
yes that's the book for me,
I stand on it - all alone -
The Bee -eye-Lee-eye-Leeee!"

Annabelle just looked at Oliver and said, "his head is way too big on him. He needs a much smaller one." 6/3/10

 "Do you want to hear some breaking news?" (I would have been worried with this one, but the look on her face told me she was pretty confused about what she was asking.) 6/7/10

 "Gum will make me concentrate better." 6/13/10

at bedtime tonight, I had to have a somewhat serious discussion with Annabelle about listening to instructions and obeying them. When I asked her if she understood she paused and then through her own impish grin and in a sing-song voice said, "don't smi-ile!" 6/21/10

"I love riding alligators . . . .up and down, up and down . . . " 6/24/10

"Mom, when we are monsters, will we have trees for ears?" 6/29/10

Annabelle in a corner playing by herself, pulls play money out of her purse and quietly exclaims, "Fabulous!" 7/18/10

Annabelle: "Ooooh, Mommy! You look sparkly!" 7/13/10

Today Annabelle is walking around with a mosquito net over her head, calling me "my child" . . .
holding out the kleenex box, "will you open this my child?"

listening to Enya's Wild Child, "I like onion's music." 11/16/10

I wish there were a way to peak into her mind.

But then again, she gives me a peak nearly every day.