Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Simple Night

Just as I got comfy on the couch and settled in to watch Home and Garden television we lost power because of the massive storm that had moved in over South Bend and surrounding areas. We don't usually loose our power when it storms, so I was expecting it to come back in a few minutes. But after a call to the power company, we realized we were in for a long night.

So instead of TV or blogging, I enjoyed a very quiet night of reading by lamp light. I grabbed a book I've been wanting to finish, but "haven't had the time." It is surprising just how quiet the house is when all the machines are not humming. Josh and I used to have one night a week when we would turn everything off and play a game or talk by lamp light, just to connect with each other without distractions and to be reminded of a time when things were much simpler. It's a shame we got out of that practice.

Eventually the very loud thunder and constant lightning woke Bronwen. I cuddled with her on the couch reading for a while. On her way up to bed, a loud crack woke Noah so we were up for some time longer praying and talking. Annabelle managed to sleep through it.

So, at first I was disappointed to not be able to watch the program I was looking forward to. I really needed to know how to do what they were going to do with the counter top. But I really had a much better evening than I could have planned.


Christine said...

It is wonderful to simply enjoy the moments of quiet - the moments with those we love so deeply. It is something we all could use more of. After all, it seems when it is quiet, it is easier to hear God. Looks like He ordered your night. ;) love you, sister.

Brittani said...

4 sisters I watch every so often :) Did you see we have one of those crazy bugs like you? I posted pics yesterday

Glad you were able to have some quiet time last night-its always refreshing. We lost our power but only for a few short moments. Hope your day is great!
love ya

ANGEL said...

I've been trying to embrace the quiet lately...which has meant less tv. Wow...we didn't even know we had a storm comin until Brittani heard the sirens :)



Jayme said...

you should start quiet night up Christine said, maybe God was reminding you what it was like. I like the sound of it so much, I think we'll try it for dinner, although listening to Mendelssohn, as I am right now, is not so bad either!