Friday, August 31, 2007

Conversations with a two year old

She was in such rare form tonight. So talkative. Rare, not because she's never talkative but because her brother is so talkative she often does not get to say much, but she always has much to say. Tonight her brother is spending the night with his grandparents so she had me all to her coversational self on our drive home.

It started with the bump at the end of the street which they always wait for.

"Where's the bump Mama"

"It was there, didn't you feel it?"

"Just the tiniest bit"

"Just the tiniest bit?"

"Yes, just the tiniest bit."


"What's that there Mama?"

"Um, a motorcycle."

"No not that. What's that box doing there?"

"Oh, that's a trash bin. People put their trash bags in there."

"I wonder why?"

"So the big trash truck can come and pick up the bags and take them to the landfill."

"Oh, the big stinky truck!"



"Mama, what else did you get?"

"What else did I get when?"

That one was never finished as she jumped to the next subject.


At some point I must have said or done something, I can't remember what.

"Mama, don't do it again . . . and if you really want to, don't do it." (sounds like good advise don't you think? I wish I remember what it was, but I was really trying to remember all these things she was saying.)


"Mama, I really want Granma. I want to stay with her."

"Well, maybe next time you can spend the night."

"Ok, tomorrow."

"Do you want to call Granma when we get home and tell her good night?"

"I do but I'm so tired, I can't do it . . . I want to, but I'm so tired."

And then, once we had pulled into the drive, she came out of the back seat carrying her two babies and said, "Mama, will you hold my things? I'm just too tired. I have a head ache. Pray. Will you pray for my head ache?" (Her "head aches" are anywhere and everywhere on her body. This one was her tummy.)

She just amazes me. She's been listening, storing all these things in her head and now they are all tumbling out. She's growing up so fast!

Slow down little one.


Angel said...


I see so much of you in her!!

have an awesome weekend :)


Cory and Beth said...

Absolutely adorable Jeny! She is just such a cutie :-)

Jayme said...

Oh my goodness. Keep these short stories coming. I just love them. She is too much...Tell her Aunt Jayme says I love reading about her and I miss her.

Brittani said...

so precious!