Thursday, August 16, 2007


Can you guess what I should be doing?

Ok, this picture was an accident. I was trying to take a picture of something out of the window or on the window sill. I can't really remember. But as I was going through some pictures tonight I found this one. Now, this pot has been cleaned and used about 3 times since this picture was taken on the 9th. But there are dishes in the sink now. They are waiting for the clean dishes in the washer to be unloaded and put away so they can be loaded and washed. I've done about eleventeen loads of laundry and the clean clothes are in folded piles on every flat surface in my living room. How do I get so behind? This is what the summer is like for me. We are always going and doing and I seem to never have time to keep up with the house. But we have lots of fun living in the sunshine, feeling the grass or the sand between our toes. Breathing the clean, fresh, hot air. Escaping to the water whenever we can! There will always be time for cleaning later. And so, tonight, I am too tired to do anything but write for awhile and then relax on the couch next to my hubby before retiring to bed for the night.

By the way, is that thunder? Do you realize that the last 4 Tuesdays have been stormy and therefore head achey for me? I know today is Wednesday, but it rained yesterday!


Jayme said...

Miss you! I'll try and call you tomorrow. I get off at three and want to paint my deck in the back. Maybe I'll charge up my bluetooth....

Christine said...

This photo is wonderful. Just the kind of photos I've been loving lately. A slice of life. love you!

Cory and Beth said...

Dishes can always wait :-) It was wonderful to see you and your adorable little children. You have such a precious family! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday :-)

Brittani said...

See you in a couple days! yay!
Tell Josh I'm so proud of him- thats amazing how hard he is working and he needs to celebrate after its over!!
love you

Angel said...

love the the you!!!

have an awesome's gonna be a "cool" weekend!!!

see ya tuesday :)