Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Are these the dog days of summer or not?

I'm not complaining, but it's not like any August I can remember.

If April showers bring May flowers . . . what do August floods bring? A Soggy September.

Are things going to heat back up? Is Summer over? Will we enjoy an Indian summer yet?

I think the colors this fall should be brilliant!

What are your thoughts?


Senae said...

We have had record highs in Nashville. It has been miserable, and it hasn't rained in weeks. The leaves are dying & falling off the trees, but it's due to the heat & lack of rain. It's odd. It looks like fall already. I hope we get rain soon. But I am soooo ready for Beautiful Fall!!!!

jeny said...

We had record highs too a couple of weeks ago. Now we are having record precipitation and flooding!
But we needed the rain after a very dry spring and early summer.
Hope the rain comes your way soon ;)