Monday, August 27, 2007

I could go for one now


Brittani said...

Did you like the photo of Annabelle's feet from my bday?
I thought they were cute since she was curling her toes. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the coffee quiz- I'm just addicted to coffee from home ;)
Have a happy Monday!
love you

Cory and Beth said...

I'm sorry that your foot is still tender :( You poor thing!

I go to the dietician on September 4th and thankfully, our insurance provides me with a free glucose meter and they cover the testing strips as well, so that is a big praise!

Brittani said...

Its ok! I just told Aunt Suzy to fill you in.
Hope you have a great day!
Are you coming Wednesday night? I forgot to ask your Madre if she was yesterday... anyways.

Brittani said...

Yep 7. Ok- see you then!

Angel said...

hey u...just wanted to say love ya and have a great day!!

Brittani said...

I'm brewing decaf just for you tomorrow! ;) and the others who don't want to stay up till 2 am! haha