Wednesday, August 8, 2007

W is for

Welcome to our Wednesday. At least three of us have a summer cold. Josh is well and Annabelle appears to be well so far. I thought Bronwen's nose was runny from another tooth pushing its way through her tender gums. But when Noah woke yesterday with a similar post nasal drip I realized it must be a bug. By evening, I had a sore throat. But we are not going to let it get us down. It seems to be a fast moving variety, so today we've already had reading and art. School has not officially begun for us, but I'm trying to get into more of a routine. I'm really hoping that Annabelle will be sleeping through the night completely by the time we start so I will be better rested and more patient for the tasks at hand. At the present she is sleeping from 8pm to about 5am so we're almost there! Of course if I would go to bed before one o'clock, I would probably feel better too.

Warm . . . it is going to be much too warm and humid to go outside today. Noah asked for a picnic outside, but I just can't face the humidity. So I popped popcorn and we had a special lunch inside.

Whale Watching . . .I gave Noah an assignment: to find as many whales as he could. He can search in all of his books and on the internet. So far he says he has found over 200.


Brittani said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better!
Love ya

Brittani said...

Yes, it was crazy humid. But I used Great Grandma's tripod! Its like I was inspired as soon as I took it out of the box!!
Mom kept saying aww- Grandma would be so proud!
It takes a little adjusting to but I really just messed with it so I can use it for family photos.

Angel said...

ummm...hopefully cooler temps!

I remember one storm we had (when we were at the house)...Britts bed was right next to her window, so we opened the it and laid right in the opening so we could feel the rain during the storm. It was pretty stinkin cool!

Yeah we must pray for good weather this weekend :)

Hey how old was Bronwen when you had her up there for the 4th of July party...pretty close to the same age as Annabelle?