Monday, August 20, 2007

Woody and Jesse

As soon as Bronwen woke up this morning, she wanted Woody, the cowboy doll from Toy Story . Woody belongs to Noah and Bronwen has Jesse. Bronwen usually carries Jesse all over the place while Woody usually just sits in the toybox without a second thought from Noah, until today when Bronwen preferred Woody over Jesse. Ok, so that is the usual sibling stuff. But it sets the stage for what happened later. Tonight as we were getting settled in for devotions Bronwen was tucked in with Jesse and Noah with the rediscovered and highly coveted Woody. Noah "walked" Woody over to Annabelle who was in Daddy's lap, and he said, "Hello little miss, do you want to shake my hand?" and he put the doll's hand in Annabelle's. This little action tickled Annabelle so much, she let loose with the cutest belly laugh and kept giggling, looking right at the doll's face. This just encouraged Noah who began pulling the string to make Woody talk. This made Annabelle laugh even harder, and Bronwen, who had just been watching, now started to laugh so hard she couldn't catch her breath. By this time, all five of us were almost rolling with laughter and it took a few minutes to get back into a frame of mind for prayer. But I'm pretty sure that God didn't mind much. Thank you Lord for laughter! Such little things that bring such pleasure.

Have a great Monday morning!


Christine said...

And the laughter began with Annabelle....what a valuable addition she is to your family. You have a great Monday too! xoxo

Brittani said...

How cute! Maybe Annabelle took notes from all the laughter in the van on the way back from the shower!
How is your foot? You better get it checked if its getting worse- we don't have an elevator in our apt ;)
love you!

*That was so cute that Noah said his seatbelt smelled good- boy is he observant!

Senae said...

What a beautiful story! I love it. And I love the bible verse you have on your page right now & your song. Very heart warming. I think I found your page just by clicking next blog at the top of the page on blogspot. I saw that you were a Christian Homeschool mom & saved your page to my page so I could get back to it easily. Ella is only 14 months old, but I am planning to homeschool her. I don't know the lady in my playgroup who lost her son. I'm new to the group, so I hadn't actually met her or her son yet. It is so sad. Our group is working on a care package for her. Thank you for praying for her family. They really need it right now as you can imagine. I have also been praying for them. The ladies in our group are putting a tea pot, tea, books on dealing w/ loss & gift cards to local businesses such as spas, salons, restaurants, etc in the care package. I think I'm going to make her some home-made apple butter. I hadn't thought about it til you asked, but I'm going to add a bible & salvation pamphlet too. Where do you live? I live in Nashville, TN. I would like to have a horse too, but we have no place for one right now. Our barn is at the top of a steep hill. We are planning to get goats though once we fix the fence & the bridge over the creek.

Jayme said...

I love your story! The laughter was contagious over cyber space, so thanks for sharing. Children's laughter is the best because it is completely uninhibited and innocent. I wish I could've heard Annabelle laugh like that!!

Cory and Beth said...

Hey Jeny! No problem about the articles. I talked with my OB and he said the practice doesn't allow water births, just labor in the tub. So, you don't have to drop them off. I hope it wasn't inconvenient for you to find them :-/ I really appreciate you being willing to bring them for me!
How is your foot doing? I hope it's getting better; you poor thing. It was so great to see you and your family at the shower. Thanks so much for coming!