Friday, August 3, 2007

School daze

Josh has resumed classes for his MBA this week after a long absence. I am so proud of him, and happy that the timing is right again for this endeavor. But it means that I will be sharing the computer with him in the evenings after the children have been tucked into their beds. So, unless I can drag my wearing being out of bed earlier in the morning, I may not be writing quite so often.
I am also planning on starting school for Noah on September 4th. If I'm ready sooner, we'll start sooner, but it will be no later than the 4th. I've recently added some side notes on homeschooling for anyone who is interested in our adventure.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our friends Carlton and Eva. She was released from the hospital today and will be on bedrest for a week. Carlton is staying with her to make sure she stays comfortable and then they will be able to return home and to their normal activities. God is good, and so faithful! I cannot wait to meet this sweet babe.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying summer.

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