Saturday, August 25, 2007

Five Months

It's hard to believe, but Annabelle is 5 months
today! She's such a happy baby. Such a joy.


Brittani said...

Awww I heart her!
I've seen her so much lately I'm staring to go through Noah, Bronwen & Annabelle withdraw!(And JENY!) ;)
love you

Jayme said...

Oh, this blog hurts. She is looking so mature--and definitely like her big sister these days. And that means I have been gone two months out of her five month little life...But I can feel close to her by working on her afgan...give her a kiss from her Aunt Jayme.

Christine said...

she is so beautiful. your photos are very good too. you can't take a bad one of Annabelle though, I'm sure.

jeny said...

Thanks, I'm experimenting with the different settings, so the lighting is not always right. But then she is very photogenic. I think the 7th one down (with her hand in her mouth) looks like Chloe. What do you think?