Saturday, August 4, 2007

Family fun night

We enjoyed some fun at Chuck E Cheese's tonight. It has been well over a year, maybe even two since we took Noah there for his first experience. He has often asked to go again when we drive by so we decided that tonight would be the night. It's been long enough and they have completed some remodeling so it was another new experience for him. Mason, a year older, was happy to show Noah the ropes and they dashed around here and there with their pockets full of the tokens that Josh bought them. Bronwen was wowed by it all and a little too timid for most of the toddler rides. But she found a slide and a car in a corner play area that made her very happy.
When it came time to leave, the boys who were sufficiently worn out, did not complain but dutifully followed us out to the car - smiles all over their tanned faces - recalling all that they had just done as if we had not been there to watch them.
I was relieved to get out of the noise of all of those machines, running at full tilt. But it was one of those times when I hardly noticed my own discomfort because of the look in their eyes.

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