Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blasting into summer

Merrifield Park - water pad
Doesn't that look fun?

This morning, I packed a lunch and Noah, Bronwen, Annabelle and I headed for the splash pad at the park to meet the other moms from church. This is the first time I've ever been the first one there! I would have had some pictures to share, but my batteries were dead and the extra ones were not in the case. These pictures are from two summers ago when we went to the splash pad with my neices, Madelyn and Chloe and my nephew, Mason.
With school out now, there were many kids there and this intimidated Bronwen a little . . .she stuck to the edges, but Noah had a blast. We were there for a couple hours and even though it was a very hot, humid day Noah was so thoroughly drenched that his skin had a slightly purple tint and he was cold.
Next we were off to Mom's house for naps, dinner and then VBS. It was a great day.

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Christine said...

Great pictures! I noticed they all had shoes on.....I don't make them do that anymore, do you? I didn't even think about it this year, actually. What does that say about me? hmm :)