Sunday, June 10, 2007

A drive, a tub, pizza and a really fat lip

Today started as the perfect day. Saturday . . .Josh is home and we usually try to work on lots of projects around the house. Saturdays are precious. But today we played hooky from our chores, Josh joined us on our long walk this morning and then we took a long drive in Niles to look at a claw foot tub for our upstairs bathroom project. Our next plan was to drive over to Stevensville (near St. Joseph) to our favorite pizzeria for lunch, but we took the scenic route (got a little lost.) When we finally arrived at DiPizza's at 2 o'clock we discovered it doesn't open until 4 o'clock on Saturdays (we usually go on a Friday.) UGH! We had 2 "starving" children who had been so patient during our trek. Fortunately there was a Dominos a few doors down. Even though they were pretty much a carry out only kitchen, they scrambled to make us comfortable so we could dine in.
As a reward for their patience, we found a Culvers and indulged in some frozen yogurt, YUM!
Noah was in his glory . . .next stop, a car wash! You know, the kind you operate yourself - well, our Odyssey has never looked cleaner. Thank you Noah!

After we returned home, Noah and Bronwen were playing in the back yard and I had just started brushing Riley when I heard Josh yell out to Bronwen, "watch out!" I looked up just in time to see the swing connect with her little face and see her body flying backward, knocked out of her crocks, like a little rag doll. Josh got to her first and a second later I scooped her up. She was bleeding from her nose and her mouth it seemed, but later I discovered it was just her nose bleeding. But she does have a very fat lip and her nose is swollen, but not broken. After crying for about 10 minutes she was ready to go back outside to play! But I insisted she lie down and rest. Her teeth and tongue are ok and she is sleeping comfortably now. We'll see how the night goes. Noah was so upset that he had not been able to stop the swing and keep from hurting her. That is such a helpless feeling!

What an ending to an otherwise perfect day. Thank you precious Lord for protecting little Bronwen from more serious injury.


Jayme said...

Oh my word, is she OK?? I feel absolutely horrible that I've been so out of touch that I didn't even know this happened. I can't imagine having to watch that and not be able to do a thing! How is she now?

jeny said...

Yes, she's ok. I would say completely better except when I ask how her lip feels. Then she gets this little pout, tilts her head and says, "it hurts."
There's a little mark under her nose, but the swelling on her nose is much better today and she's not so nasal sounding. Her lip is no longer puffy, but it is bruised on the inside and there's a small scab on the lip. Praise the Lord that it wasn't worse . . .it so easily could have been.