Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yesterday I got a hair cut . . . one of the worst of which I've ever been on the chopping end. In my post pardum state of mind, I was very upset for the rest of the day.
Today I found out that my friend Ashli, who has been struggling with a rare cancer, is not doing well and not expected to make it through today or tomorrow. The family has called for our pastor to come.

I'm so ashamed for making such a big deal out of such a little thing. My hair will grow back. Lord, please forgive me for mixing up my priorities today.
Please be near to Ashli and her family, help them to feel your peace that passes all understanding. Because this is so hard to understand.

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Brittani said...

aww do you really not like your hair though? is it short?
yes i was going to call you earlier this week and tell you to bring the kiddos over soon! during the day may work since im working hard on my independent study-but i try to hang out by the pool while i read. let me know when you are free!
the concert was audio adrenaline & steven curtis chapman i believe. you said 4-5 kids if i remember correctly ;)
call me soon
love ya dear