Sunday, June 10, 2007


One last post tonight. I have to end on a happier note. Annabelle was just the sweetest, happiest baby tonight. She had lots of smiles for me. You are such a joy my little doll baby!


Brittani said...

I forgot how much I missed you until today!! What a breath of fresh air it was to have you guys over! Thanks so much for coming- I will post the pics soon! They are super cute!
Love ya dear!

Jayme said...

Wow, she is really looking like Noah these days, don't you think? What a sweet girl.

jeny said...

Yes, I do think she looks alot like Noah did at this age. She's a pale version of him!

Cory and Beth said...

Thanks Jeny, you're such a sweetheart! 2 weeks is such a long time! I am so thankful that the first time we have to be apart is only a few days. It's just sad that it happens to be on our anniversary :( Happy Anniversary to you guys tomorrow. How many years has it been?

P.S. You have the most adorable kids. They are just precious!

Brittani said...

Hey my dear! You should be able to click on the pics and then save them from the album on picasa that way you have them!
love ya