Thursday, June 28, 2007


Mom and I drove Jayme home to Chicago this morning and stayed for the day helping her pack. They have to be out of their apartment on Saturday and on the road for Boston on Sunday.

It was hot work, but we took many breaks to look through photos and yearbooks and reminisce. She showed us pictures of their new place on Long street in Alston -just outside Boston. It is really adorable and Jayme, I know that you will quickly make it home sweet home for the next two years. (By the way James, when we say we don't want you to go, it means that we'll miss you, not that we don't want you to start this new and exciting chapter in your life. We want you do what is in your heart, your passion, and we are sooo excited for this to be happening for you. So please don't take offense when I say, I wish you weren't going. I'm just going to miss you so much!)

I'll have some pictures soon ;)

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