Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eight years

Love flashes like a fire, he brightest kind of flame
water cannot quench love neither can rivers drown it. Song of Solomon
Today is our anniversary. It's really hard to believe that eight years have gone by already. We take turns planning the special activities for the day and we have usually been able to go out of town, if only for the day, but most years for a weekend. Since Annabelle is so little still, we did not travel this year, but I'm counting our weekend in Chicago the beginning of March as our getaway this year! I was trying to remember each place we've been: our honeymoon was in Jamaica
1st - Mackinaw Island, MI
2nd - Disney World, Orlando FL
3rd - Chicago, IL
4th - New York City, NY
5th - St. Joseph, MI
6th - Orlando, FL
7th - Chicago
8th - Chicago

Tonight Josh took me to Yesterday's for dinner and then we walked around Notre Dame which is what we used to do when we were dating. He would have purposed to me there at our favorite bench, but the fateful night was inclement with freezing rain. That's ok, I still said yes.

The best thing about my life with Josh is . . . well, I've been sitting here for several minutes now trying to think of the best thing, but I can't! That's because I cannot point to just one thing. I love him more now than on the day we married. We have grown so much as a couple since then. We've become home owners. We've become parents. We have three awesome children, a visible reminder of our union. He is a faithful, hardworking provider for us. He is my best friend.

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Brittani said...

Aww I remember you and I talking about the exact date you'd like to get married and how many children you would like to have when we were driving down main street heading back to your (then) house. I admired you for your dreams and aspirations! And remember when you and Josh took me to that concert at ND?!?
Ahh the memories!
love you