Thursday, June 28, 2007

Avalanche Ranch

Getting ready for the last night of VBS . . . Yahoo!

This year our VBS was set out west at Avalanche Ranch. Madelyn and Chloe and their little friend Hannah came too and I'm pretty sure they all had a wonderful week by the sound of the cheering in the sanctuary each night. Noah was so dissapointed that it was only 5 nights; he thinks it should go all Summer! He wants me to find another church that is doing this program next week. I don't know though, I really need a break! But it is very pleasing to know how much he enjoyed vacation Bible school.


Brittani said...

aww! looks like they had a blast!
I'd love to see those pictures you were talking about-the b&w ones. I know the one in the rocker.. its a classic.
Some day when I get brave enough I'll put some funny ones up (as if the ones my mom put up today with captions aren't comical enough for you ;) )

When do you want to come swimmin? You can tell Noah we will have 1/2 as much fun as he did at VBS ;)

Christine said...

Thanks for taking pictures, Jeny! I didn't take ONE. I know. I can't believe it either.
love you.