Thursday, June 14, 2007


The church across the street from our house was built in 1888. It is probably the oldest building on our street and maybe in our whole neighborhood. Our house was built in 1903 and I would like to think that maybe it was built for the parsonage. 1888 . . .that's a little over 20 years after the civil war! The country was still rebuilding, and maybe the first family who lived here had someone who fought in that war. Wow. Twenty years is not that long ago, I remember it very well. So I wonder what this area was like in 1888, twenty years after the war.

Not too long ago I realized that I've always lived in the shadow of a church. My first house with my parents was on Ewing Ave in South Bend. Behind us was a Baptist church. The next house, and the one where I lived the longest, on Loughlin Dr in Mishawaka, was the house where I lived until I married Josh. Across the street is a Missionary church. We even attended this church for awhile when I was young. It was really neat to walk to church on Sunday mornings. And how many days were spent playing in the parking lot?
Josh and I have been going to St. Mark again since we've been married and Mom and Dad have come back in the last few years.
Now, the first home that Josh and I share is across the street from this beautiful church, and I am still in the shadow of The Cross.

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