Monday, June 18, 2007

Home Improvements

March 2006

November 2006
June 2007

Things are coming along! The work on the outside wall has been such a hard endeavor but the effort is really beginning to show as the landscaping comes together. Josh has really spent alot of blood sweat and tears, quite literally, on this project! I'm very proud of his work, he's really learning alot along the way. Many thanks to those who have been able to help us along the way. Last March (2006) we had no idea what we were getting into and how long it would take us, but there were several road blocks that came up. Suffice it to say, we don't ever want to build another retaining wall! But that's ok, our list of outside projects is still long enough to keep us busy all summer. The backyard is blooming, but all we can keep up with for now is cutting the grass. It amazes me how much everything has changed in the 2 short years since we had all of those trees felled. We have thick green grass and all of the other plant life has really come to life. And the children have a beautiful yard to play in.

Inside the plumbing problems seem to have finally been corrected and the ceiling is up in the dining room! We've also finally decided on a chandelier for the dining room and a cast iron, claw foot tub will soon be occupying the upstairs bathroom in place of the monster shower stall that started the whole fiasco.
Tonight Josh is priming the ceiling and hopefully tomorrow we'll paint and the following night hang the light.

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