Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's a color challenge!
To accept the challenge, simply post some of your own yellow treasures.

Here are the bits of yellow from my home. I don't use much yellow in decorating, so this was really a good challenge for me.  The easiest places to find this cheery color were in the kids rooms.

In my kitchen: a butter yellow tea pot, a gold napkin I made for a birthday party several years ago. An over ripe pear - now it's just a treat for one of the dogs.  The ceramic pot with happy little bugs was given with a plant when Bronwen was born. The gold mug and blue and yellow linen came from my trip to sweden.

In the music room: Fresh golden walls, an empty yellow picture frame (for which I have big plans,) and a yellow candle - pineapple grapefruit - absolutely delicious. A vintage light fixture hangs gracefully. 

In the bath, creamy pale yellow towel and sponge and a happy little soap duck.

In the girls' room: Special blankets. The bottom two handmade from Grandma Becky; the third lovingly made by a cousin for my Granma Harriet's sick room many many years ago. And the blanket on top is the one my sister made for Bronwen.  The ceramic duck is Bronwen's vintage-like bank given by my brother's family when she was born.

Even the trim in their room is a very pale yellow.

A doll made by Great Gram. She would be so happy!

In Noah's room, some of his favorite toys are yellow. His absolute favorite, Tonka truck, a transformer named Bumblebee, his star bank, a duck from his first birthday party and a few odds and ends.

Happy hunting and post a comment to let me know if you are up to the challenge!


Elizabeth said...

Challenge on! My shots might not be so 'magazine-y" ;-) but I'll try! watch for it!

amicalechica said...

hey ya, i noticed we have quite a lot in common :) I love art and im a great admirer of Van Gogh and Manet :) And I love playing the piano too! My grandmom was my first teacher and I remember practicing my first piece, Fur Elise a 100 times! The Have you by any chance done your piano grades with Trinity College or Royal schools of Music?

Jayme said...

*sigh* my first favorite color. my bedroom all growing up was lemon yellow with one wall of yellow and orange daisies wallpaper from the 70's...now my whole apartment is pale yellow. I would take this challenge, but I need to be challenged simply to catch up my pathetic blog..great shots.

Christine said...

I've accepted! And I've posted some of my favorite yellow treasures.
Thanks for the fun!

jodyfoznot said...


You're so much fun. I'll have to look around tonight...yellow one of my favorite colors.

I love your pictures.

BTW, I loved our time together on Tuesday. I wish it could have been a longer visit. I cherish you so. Oh, and Seth's tooth is not broken! Whew.

Love you dearly.