Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simple joys

The first time on a swing outside, ah the breeze against your cheek and through your hair

a mountainous task accomplished

a cool treat on a hot day . . .

leaving fun colors on your face and tongue!


Elizabeth said...

She looks so tiny going up those big stairs! Was your heart in the pit of your stomach watching? ;-)
And yes, one can hope about the peonies!
Enjoy the sunshine!

Kristine said...

Popsicles outside are the best. They are also much easier to clean up.:) It was so much fun chatting last night and I'm so excited about this next season of digging into the Bible together. It will be neat to see what happens by the end of this 90 days.


jodyfoznot said...

A sweet post! Your kids have the look of summertime anticipation gleaming in their eyes! Summer is magic!