Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Noah

This morning when I came down, I found that my Noah had both girls up and fed and that he was showered and dressed. Where are you going I wondered. Nowhere. He has just decided to take a shower every morning now. 

Do I love this age? Yep.
Did I enjoy the extra hour of sleep this morning? Sure did!

Now, a little gardening awaits me on this very beautiful day. And later  . . . a date with my love!
Have a great weekend my lovelies.


Brittani said...

Wow, what a big helper!
It was nice chatting yesterday- maybe I'll be able to call you again while I'm packing or something ;)
love ya

Cory and Beth said...

What a beautiful child!! I hope that you had fun on your date :-D

ubermom said...

That boy is really a one-in-a million! I hope he continues to be a helper for the rest of his life. The blessings will surely flow. I'm so glad you had such a lovely date, Jen, you two were certainly overdue for some r and r (and r.) Tee hee. Enjoy this will never come again.
I love you!

Jayme said...

Is that a new picture? It makes my heart melt. Its good to see that hair cut finally grown out and hair in his eyes again!...He is so helpful. Give him a bear hug from his aunt.

jeny said...

It is a recent picture . . . last Tuesday. However, Friday he got another hair cut! Not so short this time ;)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome picture!! It captured his wonderful spirit! And what a morning for you! It is a mixed blessing when they get to that age, isn't it? I find myself torn between holding onto my little boy and letting him be the little man he is becoming!