Monday, May 5, 2008

Walking in the garden

Springtime doesn't last nearly long enough. All too soon the delicate blossoms fade and scatter with the breezes. The vibrant greens of new growth deepen and darken as they mature into summer plants. The tender young branches grow sturdy and firm. I do wish that it would last a little longer.

The giant crabapple tree whose branches held my brother and sister and me during the countless hours of playing and pretending when we were young.

These cheery tulips are posted at the entryway to welcome visitors lucky enough to spend time at my parent's home.

The snowy white blossoms of a cleveland pear tree.

A single, stray violet has wondered away from the myriad clusters growing socially around the garden.

Hosta unfurls like so many small flags, celebrating spring. How amazing are the crisp green leaves.

Beauty in abundance wherever the eye may fall.

Ghost leaf set for the ages.

Incredible pink hues stand out so vividly against the shades of green. Why are the hearts bleeding?

Smokey purple violets by the bunch.

Who needs blossoming buds when you have lush incredible foliage like the beautiful variegated hosta?
Elaborate fern fronds beginning to open. Who would believe that the broad beautiful frond could be so neatly folded up like this?

Just a little off the beaten path

A jewel in the garden: the lacy leaves of the brilliant red Japanese maple play with the sunlight sending it dancing all around.

Pale pink, delicate blossoms cling to the freshly pruned peach tree.

Another joyful match of colors: emerald green and gold

Who could possibly feel the cares of this world while walking in the garden? 


Cory and Beth said...

Wonderful post! So peaceful to read :-)

Pamm said...

I love hostas- thought I was the only one!

Jayme said...

Thanks for showing me mom and dad's spring wonderland--I've been aching for I just need to see it from a distance in juxtaposition to all those beautiful close-ups!