Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A day to remember . . . always

Happy Anniversary my dear one!

- Jody, I need a good picture of you and Rob. Somewhere around here, I have a picture of you and me getting ready on your wedding day but I cannot find it right now. I love you. Hope your day is special as you remember the day that forever tied your souls together. (As if you needed a specific day for that!)

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jodyfoznot said...

Ah, thanks for remembering, Jeny! I'm working on a blog about that wonderful day 13 years ago, but I have to dig my wedding pictures out from their safe, packed-away spot. (No really, I mean in tubs, deeply packed away as we prepare to move. My pictures and scrapbooks were the first things I packed. I'm not sure why...I keep having to dig stuff back out!)

Thank-you for celebrating with us! You were such a beautiful and important part of our day, and I love that when I fondly remember our wedding, you will always be there with me!

Love you bunches!