Monday, November 12, 2007


What a week. I'll review before I start a new one. 5 days of school, 2 trips to the airport, 1 trip to the poles, 1 mom's group, 4 piano lessons, 1 field trip, 1 adventure club/church mice, 1 prayer group, 2 meals to prepare for other families, 1 missed play date.
Josh is back home safely. Thank you for your prayers for his safety. Every once in a while I get particularly nervous about one of his trips and this was one of those times. I am so grateful that mom and dad welcome me and my entourage (three kids, 2 dogs and lots of stuff) every time Josh goes out of town. I really don't like being alone here at the house so they are my saving grace. I know it upsets their routine a bit, but they are also genuinely happy to have us.
So now we get back to our normal schedule. Let's see . . . 5 days of school, I need to run to Hobby Lobby today, Madie comes back from Florida tonight so I need to remember to pick her up from school tomorrow after mom's group, then 4 piano lessons -or is it 5 this week?, a Christmas cookie exchange on Wednesday, a field trip to the firestation and, adventure club/church mice on Thursday. There's a haircut in there somewhere and I'm not sure what Friday looks like from here, but I'm sure its out there somewhere . . .
Next week, we are looking forward to Jayme coming home and celebrating Thanksgiving together. The Christmas decorations will start to come out and we're chopping our tree! Wow, can it be that time of year already?!
This week is looking very similar to last week. I guess my life is a whirlwind. I salute you ladies who also work outside the home and those of you who have more children than I do ;)

Here is an exerpt from one of my favorite books:
"O My child, rest in Me. Yes, quietly settle down in My care, as a bird settles in a nest. For I am watching over you, and in love I will care for you." Come Away My Beloved


Jayme said...

You are such a great mom and wife, Jen, I don't know how you do it all, I really don't. (Maybe you are good birth control for me?(o;) I am so excited to have some holiday cheer and preparation with my family next week!!!

Christine said...

Jeny, You have a great deal on your plate, but you carry it all with such grace and love. I hope you can find moments of peace throughout the whirlwind this week.

Angel said...

I second my girls thoughts!!

I hope this is a better week for ya...just think a lil more than a week and Jayme will be here...YAY!!!!

big xoxo!

Adrienne said...

So great to see your heart and hear your thoughts about life. I feel that stress at times...and actually today felt like my "to do" list is "too big!" Thanks for your quote at the end. Wonderful reminder!
Be blessed today.