Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

Noah enjoys helping out in the kitchen and today he helped Aunt Jayme make the pumpkin pies. Mmmmm

A beautiful table set for 13. . . we really missed Scott and set a place for him anyway. Josh's parents were also able to join us since his brother's family was out of town. It was a full house but it was so wonderful to be together.

The kids took their play with them in every room. They played sardines which is like hide and seek, but as each person finds the hider, they hide with him until the last seeker has found them. We also had fun playing pictionary.

The first snow . . .

Josh left the shudder open for these pictures and it makes them look like little snow spirits playing in the yard.

The kids waited all day for it, and finally it began late in the evening. There was nothing left to do but to don the coats, hats and mittens and dance in the snow! A perfect end to a perfect day of thanks.

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