Thursday, November 1, 2007

shadrach, meshach & tobedwego

fun night at my old church


Christine said...

Brilliant Jeny! Absolutely BRILLIANT! You are so creative! I love it! and I love you! xoxo

jeny said...

Thank you :)We got 2nd place . . . 1st went to a boy with a silver platter around his head. He was the beheaded John the Baptist!

jodyfoznot said...

Fabulous costumes, Jeny! I second what Christine said: "Brilliant!" How in the world did you find time to plan and create such masterpieces?

You are Wonder Woman (without the two-piecer...)

Love you!!!

jeny said...

I had made the robes in years past; this year all I had to do was to cut out flames from felt and sew them to the hems and make their name tags.