Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet Reunion

I am thankful for:

Scott sending my sister home for Thanksgiving

My precious neice Madelyn who turns 9 today - Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

My husband who works so hard for us and for me to be able to stay home

My children - the lights of my life

My parents who continue to love, support and encourage me

My dear friends with whom I share this journey of parenthood with all of it's amazing ups and downs.

Last night was just wonderful. After quite a long day of travel for her - she was up at 3AM, took the 5AM train to Logan airport, flew to JFK, changed planes, had to wait an hour on the runway until Chicago cleared them because of the heavy fog -we met Jayme about 6pm outside her old apartment in Hyde Park. It was so great to just wrap my arms around her and hold her! We just stood there in the street laughing and hugging and taking pictures and reaquainting her with Annabelle. My little punkin took to her Auntie like she had just been with her yesterday and not the five months that it has been. It was just precious.

Then we hopped the Metra to downtown where we met her friend Paula and had dinner at Grand Lux Cafe. This is one of our favorite places and Mom enjoyed it for the first time. By the time we were done eating and visiting, it was raining so we decided not to do any shopping. It was closing in on 10:30 our time anyway, so we caught the 9:20 train back to Hyde Park to pick up Jayme's luggage and pack the car and head home. Marta, Jayme and Scott's old neighbor, had picked Jayme up earlier and had let her keep her bags in the apartment so we went up to retrieve them and to change Annabelle into pajamas. (I know the details may be monotonous, but I am telling them for a good reason) When Marta opened the door, sweet little Dali jumped out, surprising us! We didn't know that Jayme was bringing her this time. But that was why it was so important for Jayme to connect with Marta (of course she wanted to visit with her too)and why we needed to pick her up (dogs are not allowed on the South Shore.) We were so happy to see that sweet little dog! And she was so excited to see us that she couldn't hold still for a long time.

We returned to my house a little after 1am, and Mom and Jayme continued on to the old homestead. Hopefully she was able to get some really good sleep last night.

To do today: Pick up crickets for Jack (salamander)

Pick up Madie from preschool

Start menu prep at mom's

Visit with Jayme

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My prayer for you is that you will enjoy the day, with your dear ones close by, and journey's mercies for anyone on the road.


Brittani said...

Sounds like an exciting day for you!
I'm thankful for you...Happy Thanksgiving!

Senae said...

Sounds wonderful. I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad you had such a wonderful thanksgiving.