Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday the Great

Jayme is reunited with her littlest niece. Annabelle seemed to recognize her and was happy to be held by her sweet Auntie. Isn't it amazing how the imprint from those early weeks lasted in her little mind?

Noah and Bronwen were so happy to see Jayme again. They were stuck to her like glue for most of her visit. We went over to Mom's on Wednesday to help prepare for Thanksgiving.
We attended a candlelight Thanksgiving prayer service at church and afterward my sweet man let me and the kids spend the night at mom's. While the little ones slept, we worked well into the night talking, laughing, preparing food and enjoying each other's company. Waking up back at home with my sister was a wonderful gift. The time was so special and felt so festive!


jodyfoznot said...

I love the picture of Jayme sitting on the floor with her beloved nieces and nephew crawling all over her. It looks like they can't stop touching her for fear she might vanish! They missed their auntie! I'm so glad she made it there safely and that you got to spend some sweet time with her.

Brittani said...

So glad you were able to soak up every minute with Jayme! What a blessing it was for her to be home! I'll post some photos from Saturday when I get a second.
I love the close-up of her and Annabelle!
have a good one