Saturday, November 3, 2007

Contents of a boy's backpack

2 books: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and his Bible. 1 new movie, just in case he'll be able to watch it somewhere
1 red, white and blue pencil, 1 red, white and blue bear - patriotic eh? 5 favorite cars, have car will travel. 1 bottle of bubbles without a cap. Several keys - you never know, one might open something sometime! A handful of change, just in case we stop by a toy store and he can purchase more cars. And 1 toy gun for keeping away the bad guys.


Brittani said...

bubbles without a cap- oops.

Christine said...

Very well thought out...I think he has everything he might need for whatever circumstance might come his way.

jodyfoznot said...

I love this!

Caleb passed by me just now to plant a kiss on my cheek, and he saw the contents of Noah's backpack and said, "Ooooo. Nice stuff." :o)

Here is a list of interesting backpack and pocket-finds from our house:

*at least one cup of pea gravel from our playground (Of course, I didn't notice until after I'd washed the pants because Seth had hidden them in an obscure pocket on his cargo pants...and then I spent the next hour picking baby rocks out of the drain holes in my washing machine...)

*dead cricket

*dead baby frog

*Rob's class ring from high school (where did Seth find THAT???)

*missing cell phone

*sticks, leaves, rocks, interesting berries "Not to eat, Mom."

Of course, there's the usual toys, crayons, paper, pennies, etc.