Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Monday

Ok my dear, pop quiz:

Which sea is to the west of Denmark?

When was neon discovered - 1775, 1898, or 1920?

From which border countries do Border Collies originate?

Troglodytes (primitive race of man) lived alone in what particular type of dwelling?

In the leisure game Shinty what is the curved stick called?

Feel like you're in school again? Mmmm, Monday morning quizzes. 
Tonight, My Love submits his last assignment ever and is five days away from accepting his long awaited and much deserved MBA.

Have a lovely day, enjoy the trivia and the answers will appear tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

North, none of the above-it was 1898, England & Scotland, caves and I've never heard of 'shinty' I would have to look that one up! You make me laugh on a dreary Monday! Thanks!

jeny said...

Oops, typo corrected. One of the choices for dates should have been 1898.

Kristine said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations Josh!!!

I'm sure you feel like you have earned your MBA as well.:) I remember I told my Josh many times when he was in school that I think there should be some sort of spouse diploma as well. Who do you think was proofreading all those papers!