Saturday, June 7, 2008

At the Museum

As soon as we walked in, Bronwen shouted, "Guys look! There are elephants in here! Look! There are elephants . . . can I sit on them?" 
There are two special exhibits there right now: Mythical Creatures and Nature Unleashed. Noah is currently fascinated by extreme weather, especially tornadoes so we chose Nature Unleashed and spent much of our time there today. He is considering being a meteorologist but thinks it might take him away from his family too much.
We learned about earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes. While we were safe in the city this weekend seven tornadoes ripped through the suburbs, much of Indiana and many other midwestern states experienced dangerous flash flooding, thunderstorms and more tornadoes. 
Hopefully we can go back and see Mythical Creatures before it leaves in the fall.
Sue doesn't look too big from up here!

Bronwen fell asleep as we finished up with the storms and slept through a walk through Nature and Africa.
When she awoke, we were in Egypt. This is my favorite exhibit. I could spend the whole day right here. Noah was thrilled to walk through the tomb, looking at real hieroglyphics and mummies. This was one of his favorite civilizations to learn about this year in school. I thoroughly enjoyed watching both of them as they explored.

Noah thought this was a pretty comfy place to take a nap. Instead, we headed for our hotel where there were real beds with soft pillows.

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