Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Delicious fresh picked and fresh from the market strawberries say summer is here!

my anniversary roses

the jewel red throw over my piano

a splash of red on the couch
red runner and yummy red candle

a red square in the Tiffany glass lampshade

a crimson bow

red squares in Noah's baby quilt handmade by Jayme

This gardener's best friend

My poor front porch. The badly chipping paint will be repainted this summer, but sadly will be red no more.

cheery red geraniums

blushing barberry bush

brick turned flag (ish)

All right my lovelies. Today's color challenge is red. Accept the challenge by posting a comment!


Jayme said...

Ooh! I love it! I still want to accept the yellow challenge, but now I'm not home to take yellow or red pictures...

Kristine said...

I am up for a challenge. For me the bigger challenge will be posting before we leave for Indy tomorrow morning.:)

Elizabeth said...

The funny thing about this, I was just thinking this morning that it was time for one of these;-)
And the perfect color for today too! You'll see why on mine when I get them up there! Enjoy the day!!

Christine said...

Hi, my sweet sister! I posted my red and then forgot to post a comment on yours! You've probably seen it by now, but just in case!
Love you! xo