Monday, June 9, 2008

a flower of what name?

I don't know what these delicate little blooms call themselves, but I've seen them here and there in the grass. I think they are perfect loveliness.

edit: the little flower is a surprisingly aggressive flower called the Star of Bethlehem. It is in the lily family and is poisonous to livestock! The cooked bulb may be eaten by humans, but great care should be taken.


Mandi Flatt said...

Hey Jeny :)!
I believe that those are Paperwhites! Pretty flowers.

jeny said...

I thought paperwhites were bulbs. Maybe I'm thinking of another.

Mandi Flatt said...

I googled it after I saw them and thought of paperwhites. Try this link and see how they compare: Hope it helps :)!

Beautiful flowers either way! Love your blog :)!

Mandi said...

I see your update. I can't believe how much (besides the centers of the flowers) the paperwhite and star of Bethlehem look alike! Amazingly enough, even the beautiful paperwhite is usually "forced" and bloomed at Christmas time. It has a nickname that refers to Bethlehem as well. Beautiful flower. Do those grow in your backyard?

jeny said...

No, I wish I had them in my garden though. I found these at the cemetary when we went to clean up my granma's grave on Memorial day.