Friday, June 6, 2008

Chicago weekend

With graduation tomorrow in Chicago, we are spending the whole weekend in the Windy City. I LOVE Chicago.  The kids are very excited as they anticipate the museums, the lake, the busy bustling sidewalks. Bronwen keeps saying how much she wishes Aunt Jayme and Uncle Scott still lived there. 
"Mama, where is Chicago?"
"West of us."
"Where is Boston?"
"In the East."
"No it isn't. Boston is where Aunt Jayme and Uncle Scott are." She was very adamant on this point.

From Noah: "What color are Uncle Scott's eyes?"
"Oh . . .ok. It's just been so long since I've seen him."

And Annabelle. Annabelle is staying with Granma and Papa for the weekend. This makes her weaning final and the longest time I've been away from her. 

We're staying at the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Ave downtown, which will be different because I am not a Hard Rock kind of girl. I'm an Allerton kind of girl. But we stayed there last time and this was my Love's choice.
We plan to go to the Field Museum and Navy Pier while we're here. We'll see what happens! Maybe even a picnic by the lake!

I love Chicago.


Cory and Beth said...

Sounds like soo much fun and your children are just precious :-) I hope that you guys have a blast and that your time away from precious little Annabelle goes by quickly :-/

jodyfoznot said...

Have a wonderful weekend, precious family! It's so important to have time away together; I'm glad you're taking this opportunity! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Congrats to Josh on the wonderful accomplishment of his graduation! Congrats to you, too, Jeny, on Josh's completion of this segment of his schooling. I know you're as thrilled as he is!

Much love and hugs,

Elizabeth said...

Oh Jeny, how I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! It is a well deserved rest for you all! Good going Josh!
Annabelle was just as sweet as can be at church this morning! It was fun to watch her interact with her Papa! And she was so agreeable just to sit with either of them!;-)
love yous

Jayme said...

Oh man, this entry made me cry. It is so good to see pictures of my Chicago...a part of me always hopes we're just on sabatical and will come back. And Bronwen and Noah make my heart squeeze, the dear, innocent angels.

Adrienne said...

Your time in Chicago sounds wonderful. We love that city too. It offers so much!