Monday, February 4, 2008

The Silent Gondoliers

One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride, and as is so often the case, the book by William Goldman, "as told by S. Morgenstern" was oh so much better. It is absolutely (and I don't use that word lightly) a delightful read. So I was excited to stumble accross this book in Jayme's Chicago apartment when I was helping her pack for Boston and I was allowed to borrow it.
The Silent Gondoliers is another delightful, charming, magical fable.


Jayme said...

A fast and funny read...just as witty as Princess Bride!

ubermom said...

Well, sticky fingers that I have when it comes to anything Goldman, I may have perloined this very book, and be reading it as we speak. It is, as was said above, fast, funny, witty and delightful!
I highly recommend it. Just make sure it finds its way to the original owner in Boston.