Monday, February 25, 2008

Grandpa John

After tests, the professionals were able to confirm what we already suspected: Grandpa suffered a substantial stroke, stealing the vision from his right eye and leaving his right side strong but unable to be controlled. His mental facalties are compromised, but he can still speak. He went home with Mom and Grandma this afternoon, the professionals pleased with his home care.
On the brighter side, Mom requested and received a B12 shot for him and said that within twenty minutes he was a bit more alert.


Brittani said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa! I'll be praying for them!
love you

Angel said...

Me too!!

I told Christine that he's in good can't get any better care then from your mom!!

Give him a hug for me...

Love you!

Cory and Beth said...

I will be praying. Your grandparents were definitely moved in at the right time. How difficult it would have been if he had suffered this stroke and then had to be moved! How is your grandma taking it?

jodyfoznot said...


I'm so sorry. He has many people praying for him. I'm glad to hear that the B12 has helped to him to be more alert, and I agree that he is truly in the best possible care situation with your mom and his caregiver.

Please give your mom a hug from me the next time you see her, and let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her as well.

I love you, dearest friend.


Mandi Flatt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa Jeny! We will pray.

ubermom said...

Grandpa is stronger and better today. I just monitored him in the bathroom where he took care of himself, washed his hands, hung up the towel, turned off the light, walked down the stairs WITHOUT MY HELP. (I was right in front of him so if he got off balance on the stairs, I would steady him)
Grandma is so pleased!
Thanks to everyone for praying. Please continue.
I love you!