Wednesday, February 27, 2008

God is good!

Our God is working.
Grandpa has recovered more than we thought possible. More than we dared to hope for. His clarity of thought has been a beautiful thing to watch as it slowly returns to him. Yesterday he moved (by himself) from one couch to the other to be nearer his Sweetheart and soon he was singing to her and snuggling up to kiss her on the cheek. To have seen him on Sunday, you would have thought that he would never recognize her again and that this kind of gesture would never again be possible.
And his countenance brightens so when the children are around him. God is so good!
Thank you for your prayers and please keep remembering him as he continues his recovery.


Jayme said...

Thanks for the updates...its so hard to be so far away. He is in my thoughts constantly.

ubermom said...

Yes, God is good!
He is the Great Physician Who put illness, disease, brokenness, suffering, calamity, sorrow & tears under his stripes, by which we are healed. And if that weren't enough, He packed his created world with secrets and mysteries that feed our starving cells, renewing us to live longer and more abundantly. I bow in awe.