Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ancients

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

A Phoenician war ship. It sails ahead of the merchant ships and protects them from pirates.

These are Noah's recent illustrations of his history lessons. I love all of the oars on his ship. He's wonderfully creative.


Jayme said...

These are excellent drawings! I didn't realize he was that good...I'm sure you do this sometimes, but you should have him try drawing after a lesson without using a picture to get his ideas from. As a struggling artist, I find it difficult to think outside the box.

Brittani said...

Bronwen: Did you get your hair cut?
Brittani: Why yes! You are the 3rd person to notice. :)

So detailed at such a young age- I love it!
Good to see you for our weekly 10 min chat.
love you

Adrienne said...

Love the drawings. And the pictures of the girls in the same dress made me smile. What are you thinking for Annabelle's birthday? You're such a good party planner!