Friday, February 22, 2008

Pass the kleenex please

It's been a difficult week. The migraine I've been wrestling with for two weeks finally pinned me to the couch for a couple days and Annabelle has passed her cold to Bronwen. The rest of us are trying to stay healthy. It's a nasty bug, settling pretty quickly into the chest and both girls have a pretty painful cough. Annabelle looks like she's coming out of it but Bronwen is two days behind and still in the thick of it. So, we're stocking up on Airborne, taking vitamins and drinking lots of water. And praying.


Jayme said...

I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well over there...I'm sure its hard in multiples, which is the only way you experience a cold anymore. Love you!

Kristine said...


I will be praying for health for your family and an extra dose of prayer will go out for your migraines. I know how frustrating it can be when you don't feel good and you have things you want to get done. Hopefully we can get together soon. Let me know when you're feeling better.

Cory and Beth said...

We'll keep you guys in our prayers! My mom has the same thing, and this is day 6; she finally went to the doctor today!

jodyfoznot said...

You and your family are in my prayers, dear one. I HATE that you are so susceptible to migraines, and I will continue to pray that God would remove that thorn from you.


I love you!!

Brittani said...

Oh bummer! I'm so sorry!
Hope you are feeling better by now!
love you

Angel said...

How's everyone feelin? Migraines are the worst :[ Keep takin your vetavitavegamens and get lots-o-sleep!

Hugs and kisses...

Christine said...

Jeny, my dear, I love you so much. Thank you for saying yes yesterday, even at the end of a dreadful week. We enjoyed seeing you guys last night too. We must get our families together soon. After all, you and your bunch are among our favorite people! xoxo