Monday, February 18, 2008

He has filled my cup

Praise Him for His mighty works;

Praise Him for His marvelous grace.

Let all that is within me praise His wonderful Name.

Yes, let my heart be lifted up in thanksgiving,

And let my soul rejoice with song.

For He has delivered me out of the lion's mouth;

He has lifted me out of the pit.

He has put a song in my mouth;

He has put gladness in my heart.

Yes, He is altogether lovely:

More than tongue can express or finite mind can know.

For He has stretched forth His mighty hand

And has smitten the waters:

He has made me to pass through dry-shod. Hallelujah!

For there will be no more sea. (See Revelation 21:1.)

There will be no more separation!

He has removed every barrier; He has bridged the gulf.

He has drawn me unto Himself, yes, into Himself.

He has left the enemy in confusion and defeat.

He has led me through the way of the wilderness,

And His hand has been a shade from the burning heat.

Through the barren wasteland, He has filled my cup from living streams.

He has sustained, He has deliered, He has revealed Himself

In the cloud, in the fire, and in the Shekinah Glory.

Lo, as if this had not been enough,

He brought me to the banks of Jordan. There He did precede me:

For as the priests went first, bearing the ark,

So He did pass ahead in full possession of all His Promises,

And thus He opened my way and

Brought me into the land that flows with milk

and honey. (See Joshua 3:16 -17; 4:24.)

A land of promise, a land of fulfillment;

A land of conquest, a land of victory.

A land of fatness, a land of unreserved blessing.

Yes, He has been unperturbed, though the inhabitants

Of the land be giants:

For in His sight they be as grasshoppers!

And one with Him shall be mightier than them all.

Yes, and He shall give me Hebron for an inheritance.

Let me not camp in the plain; but give me this mountain.

For though my youth was spent in the wilderness,

Let my strength be renewed:

Let my eyes see with keener vision,

Let my arm be mighty in battle. (See Joshua 4:10-14.)

For surely for this hour have You preserved my life.

As sheep You led us through the wilderness,

But now, O God, we stand in the Land;

As sheep no longer, nor You as Shepherd,

But You stand before us as the Mighty Captain

of the Hosts of the Almighty,

And we as men of war. (See Joshua 5:!3-15.)

We seek no longer

To rest in green pastures and lie beside still waters;

For You have issued Your command to wipe out the giants,

And to utterly destroy the inhabitants of the land.

Your provisions are full and free and abundant;

But they are not uncontested.

Yes, the enemy seeks by myriad means

To resist our every move toward conquest and possession.


Make us mighty through God for the

pulling down of strongholds.

Let us bind on the full armor of God

That we may be able to withstand the attacks of the adversary,

And that we may by the energy of Your Holy Spirit

Deliver to him deathblows. (See Ephesians 6:10-17.)

Suffer us never to fall into his hands.

Fight for us; and in Your grace and mercy,

Sustain us when we waver. Be ever close at our side,

And forbid that we leave the job unfinished as did Israel of old,

And thereby suffer untold anguish.

~ Come Away My Beloved

What are your strongholds? What are your giants this week that are keeping you from your land of promise? I am fighting my giants beside you, take up your sword and have a blessed week!


ubermom said...

It was so encouraging to read these passages, Jen! One needs to be reminded over and over what God declares for His children. One of my giants, as you know, is the taming of my housework, and in particular, finishing two rooms. When this is accomplished, my daily routine will be so much smoother. I can then move into my next giant fight: diabetes, sedentary dispositions, and stubborness. Apathetic tendencies raise their ugly head among those aforementioned as well. God has given me the victory...I just have to realize it.
Thanks, my dearest, for taking the time to share His Word!

Brittani said...

hope today went well! :)
missed ya
love you