Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Today is the day

Flowers for the teacher

Our first day of school! Noah cut some flowers from the garden and brought them in for me last night. They were a pretty center piece as we worked through our subjects this morning.

The pledge of Allegiance

Noah's drawing of the King stretching his royal scepter to accept Queen Esther in his court.

Bronwen's drawing of Queen Esther's banquet.
This week's memory verse is Jeremiah 29:11 "'I know what I have planned for you,' says the Lord."


Angel said...

awww...wish I could be a fly on the wall...ok maybe not cause then I'd get squished...but you know what I mean ;}

When Noah looks back he's gonna tell everyone just how much he loved his 1st grade teacher!!!

Love ya

Jayme said...

Oh man, that picture is rich. She is crazy about her older brother, isn't she! Wow, first grade already. That pregnancy of yours marked the end of my college career, you know. And now it has been six years....

Brittani said...

I'm glad it helped...

Its so hard to grasp when the agenda has us going at lightning speed.
Have a great day

Danielle said...

Jeny, just wanted to check in here as well and let you know that I minimized your blog while I was on the computer because the music is SO great and uplifting! So, what's the difference between your two blogs?!?